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16 Black-owned Businesses Our Readers Love

These Black-owned businesses help our community thrive through innovative sustainable designs and equitable business practices. Start here for your next big project, sweet gift, or adventure! Read more

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Exclusive Access to the Portland adidas Employee Store

For a limited time, all Chinook Book guests are invited to enjoy exclusive pricing normally reserved for adidas’ employees. Read more

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Homeschooling this Fall? Village Home can Help!

Many families are considering homeschooling their children this fall and seek engaging opportunities and connection for their children. Village Home has a schedule of 100+ online classes and clubs for this September, taught by their outstanding instructors. Read more

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Coupons at Terrapin Events

Terrapin Events

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Business Info

Why We Love Them

  •  did you want to run?
  • Terrapin Events always has something to train for!
  • pick a holiday (ie- Grateful Dad), any holiday (ie- Dirty Leprechaun)...or they'll make-up a holiday (ie- Bridge to Brews) to celebrate life with a run!

How They Meet Our Criteria

  • Significant Substitution Advantage - Fitness

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